Welcome To Fountain International Magazine.

Hello, to all the new and previous readers, of the Fountain International Magazine. It’s been a while since the well received Fountain Magazine has been published, (back in the 1990’s.) With its demise due to costs of production and post etc. Since that time a newsletter has been ably produced. But as an old Abba song went, “I had a dream,” and when I awoke, the thought of re launching the Fountain International Magazine (FREE) on the internet was born.

In basic terms, Fountain International is a world-wide community healing project, based on the simple concept that communities like people, suffer from disease, and may be healed. By tuning-in one’s thoughts to an agreed focal point within your own community, for just a few moments each day, it is possible to radically improve the health of the community, and ultimately, we believe, the health of the world. (Why are we called Fountain International? Because the first focal point used in testing the theory of community healing was a fountain.)

For more in depth information, please see the free download, Introduction to Fountain International, which can be found on the Books & Misc Page.

Fountain International is open to EVERYONE, of whatever faith, colour, nationality or political persuasion. There is no membership or organisation in the usual sense, and all individuals or groups throughout the world work independently in the manner best suited to their own communities. However, they do this with the feeling that they are part of a network, and the thought that group activity produces an effect greater than the sum of its parts.

Hence, the revival of the Fountain Magazine, to give a more visible network, in which people working with the concept, can have the opportunity to share experiences and knowledge. Also articles which may be of interest and inspiration to our readers

Fountain International has a long history, of research into earth energies, and allied subjects. For example; the founding group and Colin Bloy’s research, via the dowsing of earth energies, and healing experiment, which culminated in the practical Fountain Concept. Also Paul Broadhurst and Hamish Miller’s, tracking the St Michael Line across England, which led to the classic book, “The Sun and the Serpent.” Chris Street’s investigation of earthstars. And many more.

Human and Earth Energies have always been a passion of Fountain International, and as in the old magazine, we would like to reignite the tradition of sharing information and experiences especially within this field. In the past, the magazine was of a high standard, and generally cutting edge. With the rising of this phoenix, it is aimed to remain so. Be the contributors known or unknown, it’s the quality that counts. By sharing information, creativity is heightened, and growth is increased at a quicker rate, which is much needed in these changing times.

The aim of the magazine is to be informative, empowering and inspiring. To act as a link between like minded people. To share information and experience. The main topics of the magazine will include; earth and human energy systems, earth mysteries, vibrational medicine, (ie healing, sound, colour, essences,) dowsing projects, and much more.

We would like our readers to involve themselves with the magazine, by way of submitting articles, pictures, poems or experiences, etc within the field of interest of the magazine. All submissions can be sent to the Editor via the e mail address of

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Visit us on Facebook on the page for Fountain International.  https://www.facebook.com/FountainInternational  Like our page, post your own comments, pictures and articles etc.  Look forward to hearing from you.

The Fountain International Magazine is available free on this website, although any donations would be gratefully received towards production costs. Initially the Magazine will be updated three times a year, but this may rise to four in due course.

We hope that you enjoy the magazine, as much as it gives us pleasure to produce.

Pure Love