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Fountain International Magazine December 2017

The Lightness in the Darkness – Iam Saums

Meeting The Spirit Of Place -Nathascha Heijen

Thoughts On Creation – Joseph Westlake

Fountain International -Suzanne Thomas

Healing With The Arts – Wanchain

and much, much more.

Fountain International Magazine September 2017

Be Careful! Consciousness Is Listening – Michael Roads

Global Enlightenment – Jill Mattson

Chartes, The Earth Energy Grid And The Great Pyramid – Philip Ball

Spiritual Pipe Ends Battle Of Wills Peacefully – Brenda Rachel

Universal Instrument Of Energy – Iam Saums

and much, much more…

Fountain International Magazine June 2017

Having a Purpose – Sparrow Hart

Sounds of Summer – Jill Mattson

Confronting Emotional Turmoil – David Zenon Starlyte

Does the Earth Communicate And Sound And Geometry – Nathascha Heijen

A Stirring In The Soul – Iam Saums

Smiling On The Outside, We Cry Within – Pierre de Villiers

And Much More

Fountain International Magazine March 2017

Now and Zen: To Whom it may concern – Iam Saums

Enlightenment – Incredibly Easy – Jill Mattson

The Archeometer and Healing – Colin Bloy

Stillness on Shaking Ground – Carol A Wilson

And Much More…

Fountain International Magazine December 2016

Wishing All our readers Happy Christmas & New Year

Contents in this issue include;

Transformation – Iam Saums

Snow’s Secret Vibrations – Jill Mattson

Shamanic Dowsing – Nathascha Heijen

My Cardinal Rule at Christmas – Brenda Rachel

And much, much more.

Fountain International Magazine September 2016

Contents include:

The Magic of Rain Dances – Jill Mattson

Bless the Water – Nathascha Heijen

Love the World as yourself – David Zenon Starlyte

Walk with me through My Spiritual Enchanted Forest – Brenda Rachel

A Geomantic History of Gaia – Alanna Moore

And much More…

Fountain International Magazine June 2016

Contents Include;

Dowsing the Dragon Part 3 – Colin Bloy

Sacred Space – Jill Mattson

Love in my Religion – David Zenon Starlyte

Spiritual Enlightenment Earthquake Kit – Brenda Rachel

Living a Life of Big Magic – Kathryn Samuelson

Axis of Heaven. The Greenwich Meridian – Paul Broadhurst

And Much More

Fountain International Magazine March 2016

Contents included;

Dowsing the Dragon Part 2

The Power of Harmful Intentions

Reincarnation and the Akashic Records

The War on Holism

The Hidden Power within the Isle of Wight

and more…..

Fountain International Magazine December 2015

Contents include

Dowsing the Dragon Part 1 – Colin Bloy

Dimension Hopping – Jill Mattson

Radical Forgiveness – David Arenson

Candles & Candle Rituals – Glenn Capers & Suzanne Thomas

Pierre’s Dreamspot – Pierre de Villiers

Essence World – Jan Stewart

Astrological Outlook – Zoe Hind

And Much More

Happy Reading

Fountain International Magazine September 2015

Contents Include

Healing through Different Dimensions – Jill Mattson

Authenticity – Iam Saums

Sound Geomancy and the Landscape – Colin Kingshott

Water and Water Ritual – Glenn Capers & Suzanne Thomas

and much more…

Fountain International Magazine June 2015

Contents Include

Letting Go and Embracing Change with the Synergy of amethyst and Clear Quartz Crystals in Combination – Kerry Nelson Selman

The Spirituality of Social Sustainability – Daniel Raphael PhD

Our Children – An Amazing Resource – Debbie A Anderson.

Crystal Skulls Part 2 Joshua Shapiro

Romancing the Soul – Iam Saums

And Much More……

Fountain International Magazine March 2015

The Connection Between Crop Circles & Free Technologies. My Perception – Patty Greer.

The Fear Of Fear – Iam Saums.

Raising Consciousness – Julie Soskin.

Working with Soul – Debbie Adamson.

Song of the Spiders Web – Jill Mattson.

And Much More.

Fountain International Magazine December 2014

Contents Include

The Power Of Collective Thought – Andy Thomas

The Suffering Earth – Crystal Solutions – Judy Hall

The Dance of the Butterflies, and the Year of Transformation – Erik Pelham

Vibrational Oneness Practice – Kerry Nelson Selman

Shamanism and the Importance of Ritual – Evelyn Brodie

New Feature  Astrological Outlook for Jan – March 2015 – Zoe Hind

And Much More.

Fountain International Magazine October 2014

Contents include

Healing Energies of Stonehenge – Maria Wheatley.

The Art of Dowsing-  John Richard Ward.

Top 10 Tips for Spiritual Breakthrough – Simone Craig.

Bioenergetic Landscapes – Marco Nieri.

Waking the Dragon, Part 2 – Jan Harper Whale.

And Much More.

Fountain International Magazine June 2014Contents Include

Distance Healing Possible through “Spooky Action” at a distance – Evelyn Brodie

Danger and Courage – Fearless Puppy

Manifestation as a way to grow – Sarah Lambert

Researching Life Energy – Roger Taylor Phd

City Explorer – Mary Josefina Cade

Crystal Skulls – Joseph Shapiro

Waking the Dragon – Jan Harper-Whale

2nd February 2014

Fountain International Magazine

Contents Include

*  Pathways of Consciousness – Colin Bloy

*  Mary: The Magic of the New Dawn – Elizabeth Ayres Escher

*  Ancient Sites for Modern Times – Glenn Broughton

*  Vibrational Energy Therapy, Holistically Attuning the Body – Debbie Anderson

*  A Fountain In Bhopal? – Ian Jarvis

*  When is the Path not the Path? – David Eastoe

*The Art of Blessing of Fields – Patrick MacManaway

*  Sound Therapy – Julie Rutherford

*  New Energies 2014 – Simon Heather

Fountain International Magazine October 13

* The Sedona Effect – Debra Stangl

* The Spine of Albion. An Exploration of Earth Energies and Landscape Mysteries along the Belinus Line –

Gary Biltcliffe

*Crystal & Sacred Sites: Accessing the Power of Landscape – Judy Hall

*Journeying with Essences – Debbie Adamson

* Learning from the White Ant – Colin Bloy

* The Rose and the Sacred Geometry of the Heart – Sandra Marie Humby


Fountain International Magazine June 2013

Bumper 50 page issue

.Your Sacred Purpose – Jeff Brown

.Who can you trust? – Suzanne Thomas

. Working with Elementals in a London Square – Vicky Sweetlove

. EM Pollution & Electromagnetic Stress Advice Sheet – Andrew Tresidder

.The Glastonbury Zodiac Essences – An Greenheart, Casey Jon & Sophie Knock

. Cerne Abbas Giant, Landscape, Gods and the Stargate – Peter Knight

. The Templars & Earth Energy Fields – Colin Bloy

. Are you New to Fountain? – Suzanne Singer

And Much More!!!

Happy Reading


mag feb 2013

. Heart to Heart – Debbie Adamson.

.The Arcane Landscape of Suffolk and the Heptagon- Jeremy Taylor.

. Chalice Well Essences – Sophie Knock, Natasha Wardle & Muriel Spenceley.

. Time to Grow – Tim Walter & Mike Shinton.

. Love is the Law – Joanne Fildew.

. Doorway to the Underworld – Heather Clewett & Bert Janssen.

. Earth Consciousness…Heeding the call – Deirdre Edwards.

. How your garden can improve your Health, Wealth and Wellbeing – Vicky Sweetlove.



  • Working with Nature Spirits in the City – Debbie Adamson.
  • Fountain International updated Astrology Chart – David Wells.
  • Earthstars Healing Chant – Chris Street.
  • Removing your Mask to become your Truth – Joanne Fildew.
  • Liberation of Karma – Colin Bloy.
  • Orbs, Messengers of Light – Helen Eggington
  • The Gaia Meditation.

  • 2012 and Beyond – Dr Jude Currivan
  • The Green Man,St George and the Dragon Power of Nature – Paul Broadhurst
  • Life is not always what it seems – Suzanne Thomas
  • EM Pollution & Electromagnetic Stress – Andrew Tressider
  • Christ Consciousness. It’s here, so what next – Joanne Fildew
  • Earth Mysteries Handbook – Sig Lonegren
  • The Transition Rite – Heather Clewett-Jachowski
  • A Magical Journey – Steve Fuller
  • The Circle of the Grail – Heather Clewett-Jachowski
  • Power of Water and Stone – Glenn Broughton
  • World Healing Project – Giles Bryant

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