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 Events not organised by Fountain International, but may be of interest. 

If you would like to recommend a Conference, Event, workshop or lecture in your area, (or do a review of it for the Magazine,) please get in touch.  This is a global invitation.

 10th April 7pm – 9.30pm & 11th April 9.30am – 9.30pm The Call of the Pyramids

The Mysteries of the Visoko Vally and the Bosnian Pyramids – Semir Osmanagic Phd

Steiner House Theatre, 35 Park Road, London NW1 6XT

Other Speakers inc Adrian Incledon-Webber, Loraine Doherty, Urtema Dolphin, Nina Earl, Christian Kyriacou, Harry Oldfield, Nigel Grace and Bob Harris.

This conference will reveal some of the results of this work and what it tells us about

the consciousness of the ancient civilisation who built them and

why this is vitally relevant for us today.


Register online: www.earthenergynetwork.co.uk


Contact: marion@earthenergynetwork.co.uk Phone: 0870 766 9657



The Wisdom-Path of the Ancients

With Journey Leaders: Linda Jordaan & Jorge Luis Delgado, Peruvian Shaman & Author of ‘Andean Awakening – An Inca Guide to Mystical Peru’

Solar Disc & DNA Activations / 10 days / 2 to 11 April 2015

For more on this tour visit: http://www.andeanway.net/peru–bolivia-spiritual-tour—2-to-11-april-2015.html

Or Contact Linda – Mobile: +27 76 953 3701 or Email: Linda@andeanway.net

Magical Peru Pilgrimage – Journey Dates: 12th April – 24th April 2015
Tour: 13 Days / 12 Nights

Experience Shamanic Wisdom, ceremony & ritual with Indigenous Shaman, on your pilgrimage of the soul, along the way.

Join Carol George, (Journey Leader, Kuraq Akulleq Initiate & Teacher of the Andean Tradition & Munay- Ki) for 13 days on this journey into the Heart of Peru:
- visit the Moche culture of Northern Peru at the sites of Chan Chan
- the temple of Tucume
- Lord Sipan Tomb & museum
- rivalling that of Egypt’s King Tutankhamun.

Travel up into the Andes rain forest & experience the magic of:
- the 3rd highest waterfall in the world – with its exotic birds & orchids, culminating with a visit to the Cloud Warrior City“, that is older and bigger than Machu Picchu.

Walk in the footsteps of the Inca culture & peoples, in the Sacred Valley visiting Pisac & it’s world famous cultural market, Ollantaytambo- Temple of the Wind, the Magical “Crystal City Of Light” Machu Picchu & culminating at the Navel of the earth – Cusco.

Contact Carol:
Mobile 083 353 5317
for more on this journey
British Dowsers Spring Symposium 18th – 19th April

St Johns Campus – University of Worcester

Further details at later date.  An exciting and informative programme covering a wide range of topics, is being put together.



 25th/26th April Birmingham and 30th/31st May Kent.

This step-by-step course offers important skills for any area of life and living as well as a rigorous grounding for any psycho-spiritual work.  During the course, safe methods are taught that allow any negativities which might obscure one’s true self to be cleared, making way for clearer, positive energies to emerge.  This in turn enables connection to one’s own intuition.  Unfoldment enhances knowledge of self, gaining experiences of subtle energies, how they are connected and how they reveal imbalances.
The Psycho-Spiritual Unfoldment course was validated and implemented as part of a BSc degree in Integrated Health at Westminster University.  The feed-back from the external examiners called it ‘exceptional’.

Contents include:

Meditation, mindfulness, observational/listening skills, training intuitive faculties, self healing exercises, protection techniques, mechanics of energy, releasing old patterns, use of will, techniques for optimum use of energies to promote well-being, raising consciousness and attunement to spiritual forces.

The Insight and Intuition programme is non denominational.
‘Spiritual’ refers to the spirit, heart or core of the individual.
All are Welcome

Julie Soskin (M.Phil) is a sensitive, healer and author of nine published books and has worked in the field of psycho-spiritual studies, for thirty years.  Contact: julie@juliesoskin.com  Website: www.juliesoskin.com

Stonehenge To The Lake District; Sacred Sites & Natural Wonders

May 4-13, 2015
10 Days / 9 Nights

Highlights include -

* Private out-of-hours access into the stones of Stonehenge

* Ancient sacred sites from 4-5,000 years ago

* 3 National Parks & an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

* Cathedrals & Churches from the 12-15th Centuries

* A Castle, an Abbey and a Medieval Manor House

* The medieval cities of Salisbury & Oxford

* Quintessentially English villages and countryside


You know, we’ve repeatedly heard similar comments from our happy and satisfied travellers – that as well as the wonderful sacred sites we visit, people are inspired by the breath-taking diverse scenery of England, the quaint villages with their cute country cottages and how we live daily with ancient history in our midst such as the medieval cathedrals that have held daily services for nearly a thousand years. So to celebrate reaching our own historic milestone of twenty years of leading tours, we have created the ultimate tour of England!

For further information go to www.journeyswithsoul.com


9th May 2015  Megalithomania Conference, Town Hall Glastonbury, UK

Patrick MacManaway, Richard Heath, Chris Hardy Ph.d, Peter Knight, Hugh Newman and special guest Speaker to be announced.

£39.00 + Booking Fee.

For further information please go to www.megalithomania.co.uk.


 Raising Consciousness – New Realities
15th – 18th May 2015
Rennes les Bains, France

There are difficulties in our world which we often feel helpless to change, however, it is also a magnificent world and each of us can make a difference. For this we need to create a new reality and a new story.

During this weekend Julie will intuitively lead the group, aiming to increase the energies of each individual which in turn will reflect out into the world.   Julie will devise specific exercises for those present, these may include in-depth self development, channelling, transpersonal and healing exercises. This is a real opportunity to work on transforming your life and aiding our beautiful planet. There will also be time to relax, and enjoy this beautiful part of France, staying with Julie or a nearby hotel. Some previous experience is an advantage, however, all those with genuine intent are welcome. Contact: julie@juliesoskin.com  Website: www.juliesoskin.com

The acclaimed Insight and Intuition Unfoldment Programme

Women’s Journey to Avalon Tour

May 21st – 29th, 2015
9 days / 8 nights

“I dreamt of you in Glastonbury. You opened a curtain into Avalon, and lifted me in…”  

~ from ”The Mists of Avalon


Glastonbury has long been acknowledged as the location of the mystical land of Avalon and the burial site of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere; a place beyond the veil of human sight and one only those who have reached deep inside their soul can see. Spirit Sisters, if you’ve ever felt a connection with Camelot, Tintagel, the healing waters of the Chalice Well, or felt called to walk with the ancients at Stonehenge, this journey will speak to you.

A Quest of the Heart

The quest for Avalon, the Lady of the Lake, Excalibur and the Holy Grail, have long been sought after by seers, magicians, kings and noble knights – it represents the classic story of the eternal journey for peace, restoration and integrity. These stories represent your journey, mine, and all of humanity‘s to the heart of who we truly are. We invite you to quest with us and cross over the threshold of time as we open the curtain to Avalon.


This will be a very special one-of-kind tour with your experienced trip leader Cameron Broughton. – We will be joined by local experts along the way who will share the many secrets of these ancient lands, hidden behind the veil of modern society. Together they will share and guide us into the heart and soul of these sacred places and into the mystery and magic of our personal grail quests.

The Heart of Sacred Britain

We’ll have private time at Stonehenge, visit Glastonbury, Chalice Well, Tintagel, Merlin‘s Cave, Dozmary Pool, St Nectan‘s Glen, Bath, Wells, and Salisbury! Honouring our sacred feminine through ceremony and celebration will be a highlight of this journey. Join us on this woman‘s quest to illuminate our integrity, power and glory.

“The grail is made in the image of ourselves, our mind the vessel, our body the stem… Drink up and be ruler of thine own destiny.” – King Arthur to his Knights of the Round Table.

For further info go to www.journeywithsoul.com


23rd May 2015 Working with Plant Spirits 10am – 5pm with Debbie Adamson   Cost £50

The day will be fun, informal, full of practical experiences and are open to anyone of any level of experience, the only requirement is a desire to explore the amazing world of plant consciousness.  Everyone welcome!

Working with plant spirits

The nature of plant consciousness -   The value of working with plants for growth, healing, exploration and learning -  Methods  to alter our level of consciousness  in order to initiate communication that will include, journeying, sound, movement and essences -   Building up relationships with the plant world.


            Abney Hall Park, Cheadle, Manchester.  The park is a small nature reserve and has a lovely scout/ guide centre with a big hall, fully equipped kitchen, lots of parking and is easy to find.   It also has private wooded land which will be perfect for the workshops.

To book contact reikidebs@aol.com

23rd – 25th May 2015  Questers Spring Conference, British Columbia, Canada

Speakers include; Patrick MacManaway, Joseph-Mark Cohen, Joy Thompson and more.  For further information and a programme of events go to Canadian Society of Questers.


25th – 30th May Gobekli Tepe (Turkey Mini Tours.)

For further Information go to www.megalithomania.co.uk.


Wales – The Land of Legend

June 18-28, 2015
11 Days / 10 nights

In eleven days we travel through breathtaking countryside, see stunning coastline, take a train ride up Mount Snowdon the highest mountain in Wales and visit memorable sites. Ancient dolmens and cairns, a legendary Abbey, cathedrals, village churches, traditional historic towns, the capital city, wells, waterfalls and two castles, including having a medieval banquet in one of them! 

Wales is majestic and otherworldly – lush green valleys filled with morning mist, craggy mountain peaks reaching through the clouds, sacred sites that span five thousand years and a formidable reputation founded on legends of druids, wizards, dragons and witches. As the last retreat of the inhabitants of ancient Albion, the Welsh are still connected to the ‘olde ways’. Even today this depth of history and tradition is present in the very fabric of the land.

Our journey takes us on a circular route through this small but diverse country, while also leading us through five millenia of history, culture and varied ancient sacred sites - all set in breath-taking scenery! Although the Welsh language is spoken in some areas everyone speaks English and so its a very traveller-friendly country to visit.

Tour includes -

  • Spectacular coastal and mountain scenery
  • Mount Snowdon train ride
  • Ancient sacred sites dating back over 5,000 years
  • Preseli, source of the Stonehenge Bluestones
  • Isle of Anglesey, home of the Druids
  • Visit Castles & experience a Medieval Banquet

For further information go to www.journeyswithsoul.com

June 19, 20 & 21, 2015
Parallel Community Summer Solstice Gathering - Timeless Wisdom for a Changing World
A weekend of ceremonies, talks and workshops in Marazion, Cornwall, UK.
(Nearest station: Penzance. Nearest airport: Newquay .)  For further information visit www.parallelcommunity.com
18th & 19th July 2015 Wildflower’s Certified Practitioner Workshop 

Milland Village Hall, England GU30 7NA

                                                               Address:  Wildflower / P.Strode 

                                         Wispers Cottage, The Coach House, West Sussex GU290PN

                                      www.WildflowerEssences.co.uk   Sale@WildflowerEssences.co.uk

                                                    Direct: 07896 218 359 Clinic: 01372 464 659


20th June 2015 Flower Essence Making.  10am-5pm with Debbie Adamson


These days will be fun, informal, full of practical experiences and are open to anyone of any level of experience, the only requirement is a desire to explore the amazing world of plant consciousness. Everyone Welcome.

Essence making day

The day will be full of practical demonstrations and hands on practice of various ways to make plant essences -  How to make a gem/crystal essence – How to make a colour essence -   Essential information on the use of preservatives -  Health safety aspects of making essences


            Abney Hall Park, Cheadle, Manchester.  The park is a small nature reserve and has a lovely scout/ guide centre with a big hall, fully equipped kitchen, lots of parking and is easy to find.   It also has private wooded land which will be perfect for the workshops.


         £50 for each day, this will include detailed notes, an attendance certificates and refreshments.  Anyone who attended these workshops last year are welcome to attend again at half price, £25

If you would like to attend please get in touch as places will be limited.  Please don’t hesitate e-mail me if you have any questions at reikidebs@aol.com



Mysteries of England

July 21-30, 2015
10 Days / 9 nights
  • Sunrise ceremony at Stonehenge
  • In search of the Holy Grail at Glastonbury
  • Salisbury on a leyline to Stonehenge
  • Winchester, King Alfred’s capital city…
  • Going with the flow, Wells energetic waters…
  • At the centre, Avebury Landscape Temple
  • Crop circles country awaits…
  • Uffington, a white horse or a dragon?…

For further information go to www.journeyswithsoul.com


Glastonbury Symposium 24th – 26th July Glastonbury Town Hall

Speakers inc; Andy Thomas, Michael Tellinger, Iain Gilchrist, Palden Jenkins, Jez Hughes and many more.

Enquiries: please e-mail Di Brown or ring her on
01278 72200001278 722000 (+44-1278 722000)

or http://www.glastonburysymposium.co.uk

Crop Circles & Summer Lectures Intensive

July 30 – August 3, 2015
5 days / 4 nights

Tour will include:

• Audio visual history and discussion of the crop circles with Glenn & Cameron Broughton

Visits into any crop circles in Wiltshire where entrance is permitted

A special tea time private visit with renowned crop circle researcher Michael Glickman

Attendance at a crop circle geometry workshop led by Karen Alexander & Michael Glickman

Attendance at a top crop circle conference, The Summer Crop Circle Lectures with international speakers


Why do so many crop circles occur in southern England?

Who creates them?

What do they mean?

Are the geometric patterns telling us something?

For further information go to www.journeyswithsoul.com


Magic of Celtic Ireland Tour

August 18-27, 2015
10 days/ 9 nights

There is a magic about Ireland which is recognized by people worldwide, maybe because its name means Land of the Goddess Eriu. Be open to magic and it will happen! – our Celtic ancestors knew this and they are inviting you to do the same…

The varied landscape of lush green meadows, mountain ranges and spectacular coastline certainly lead one to believe that this land is blessed and stories of fairy folk and leprechauns also reflect the belief that the land has guardians. Our travels will take us back in time and into the realms of myth, legend and deep wisdom as we make a journey through some of the most magical counties of the Republic of Ireland, visiting sites revered as sacred by Pagans and Christians for thousands of years. This opens a doorway for each of us to discover forgotten aspects of our inner world…

For further information go to www.journeyswithsoul.com


The Highlands & Islands of Scotland Tour and Orkneys’ Mysteries Revealed Add-on

September 17-25, 2015 & 25-27 add-on
9 days/8 nights

The Call

Do you have Scottish  ancestors who are drawing you? or did William Wallace or Robert the Bruce reach out down the centuries to touch you? or maybe you’ve heard the call of Bonnie Scotland within your soul like the ‘pipes’ sounding down the glens… each of us is called for a different and personal reason

Join us in exploring some of the stunningly beautiful Western Isles and remarkable and mysterious places in the Highlands and Central Lowlands of Scotland. We are offering this journey because some of the most powerful and dramatic sacred sites in the British Isles are hidden away ‘North of the Border’.

Most of the western isles of Scotland are relatively small and off the beaten track yet their reputations around the world are impressive. Who has not heard of the Isle of Iona or Mull? Their stunning beauty and dramatic location certainly help, and so does another unseen mysterious quality – the power and energy in the land.

For further information go to www.journeyswithsoul.com


British Dowsers Annual Conference 18th – 20th September 2015

University of Leicester, Oadby Conference Centre.

Further details when available.


4th October 2015 Convention of Alternative Archaeology & Earth Mysteries

10am – 6 pm Bouverie Hall, Pewsey, Wilstshire

Speakers Paul Burley – Stonehenge and the Greater Cursus- Neolithic Stairway to Heaven.  Hugh Newman – Mounds, Megaliths and Giants. Susan Hale – Exploring Sacred Sound.  Rory Duff – Remote Dowsing and the Earth’s Global Energy Lines.  Peter Knight – Stolen Images – Pagan Symbolism and Christianity.

Great Value at £23.00

For further info either go to www.stoneseeker.net or stoneseeker@waitrose.com


South Africa~Marvels & Manifestation

December 2015
9 days / 8 nights

We invite you to the Rainbow nation of South Africa to experience the magnificent Cape Town area and the country’s premier luxury game viewing wildlife reserve. Whilst there be guided through energetic practices, meditations and ceremony to release all that no longer serves you in your life and manifest all that you want in the future.

You will spend three days on a fully inclusive basis at the international award-winning private Lion Sands Game Reserve, located in some of the finest territory of the world famous Sabi Sand Game Reserve. This will be a beautiful blend of African safari and luxurious hospitality and service. Each day offers morning and evening game drives in open 4 x 4 safari vehicles and guided morning bush walks. Additional activities include bush breakfasts, fishing, wildlife lectures, picnic lunches, hippopotamus tour, bush dinners, astronomy and full-moon walks.

We then move to More Quarters Hotel in Cape Town for stylish apartment-style living for five days. Its central location in a fashionable part of town allows you to choose from all the city has to offer. Guided visits include Table Mountain, Vineyard country, the stunning Cape Point coastline, Robbens Island, social responsibility projects and much more.

For further information go to www.journeyswithsoul.com